“Don’t follow your dreams … chase them”

Hairshow in 2019

About Aili Puss

With 18 years of hair styling and educational experience, she is an educator and platform artist for GHD and many major product brands throughout Estonia, Poland, Germany and Latvia.

Trained personally by Sharon Blain, Aili excels in the delivery of the SBE long hair philosophy, structure and techniques. She is the lead assistant for Sharon on all her global tours for the past three years.

The founder of Hair Art Academy in Tallinn, she is a true artist, who’s scope of diverse skills and hairdressing techniques has earnt her respect as an educator and mentor. Her innovative approach to dressing long hair covers the full spectrum from stunning bridal and celebrity red carpet hair styles and extreme but beautiful avant-garde dressing.

Aili has the ability to inspire, motivate and grow confidence in all her students.